Plant Your Seed Fall Fundraiser ’18


Mentors & Volunteers
October 2018, Los Angeles


Just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, we out did ourselves with our 2nd Annual Fall Fundraiser!

Hosted in Los Angeles at a fellow nonprofit space, the Women’s Center for Creative Work brought in numerous families and creators from all over the city. Offering a field day of arts and good vibes, this year’s Plant Your Seed event covered everything for the mind, body & soul.

We welcomed the day with a morning meditation and yoga session for the attendees to awaken the soul and find purpose for our gathering. As we believe in teaching the values of mind and body control can help to shape a child’s awareness and practice conflict resolution. It was the first for many of the children and sincerely sweet to watch them find their stillness within relaxation.

After we set our intentions for the day, we all couldn’t wait to jump into our chef prepared Sunday brunch. In between grabbing plates and community building, we asked that everyone pack a lunch bag for the homeless at our sandwich stations. We wanted to show the duality of giving and receiving and how they should always go hand in hand.

Our last block of the day came with painting and potting, led by a local elementary school art teacher. As the mission behind the Plant Your Seed fundraiser, the children are inspired to be free and use the painting session as a manifestation to their dreams and desires. It’s a great takeaway for everyone in attendance, and a reminder to water your seeds.

And what better way to close out the day than with a dance party! - Nothing feels better than letting loose and dancing with people you love. Not to mention, dance is a beautiful form of art that centers around movement and self-expression. Seeing the kids show off their best moves and having the adults join in, was the best way to end the day.

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