Plant Your Seed Fall Fundraiser β€˜17


Our Plant Your Seed Fall Fundraiser event, is a creative gathering to emphasize the importance of being rooted in the arts while growing a garden of dreams. This celebratory event of life, love, & unity, hosts a day of full day of painting with children, mentorship and community building

Our 1st Annual event, took place in Las Vegas, NV at Sunset Park. Hosting over 50 children, we spent the afternoon painting and potting plants, while engaging in conversations of promoting creativity and healing through expression. For many of the children, it was their first time painting with their parents/mentors, as well as creating their own flower pot to grow at home.

Finding stillness and serenity in the lake that surrounded the event, it allowed everyone to have an open dialogue on how the empowerment of our next generations start right now. Creating family check-in’s with their children, getting involved with interests that could lead to cognitive development and simply showing love and support for their artistic curiosity.

Proceeds of the event were intended to fund our Art Retreat in 2020, but due to unforeseen and unfortunate events, donations were made to the victims affected by the Mandalay Bay shooting that occurred the following day.

Thank you to our Sponsors:


Sunset Park, Las Vegas / 2017